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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

A list of software to make your own animations by A + C Studio

AnimaShooter is one of the best software for creating stop-motion animation in the A + C Studio's opinion.

AnimaShooter through many updates has become a great choice for those who wish to invest time into becoming a stop-frame animator. A camera will again be required to use this software, but this can range from professional cameras to simple webcams. The slightly higher price is definitely worth paying, as the software is full of features that will allow you to make HD animation. [...]

Thank you for the kind words, A + C Studios!

Saturday, 18 July 2020

AnimaShooter 3.8.15 is available

We just released AnimaShooter 3.8.15 with several great improvements over the previous version. Now you can collapse the right panel to free room for the main view. The new tool simplifies adding new path nodes.

AnimaShooter Capture now has a new feature: new device type 'Video Capture' which should ease connection to the Video Capturing Devices. When On, AnimaShooter will prefer any available Video Capturing Device over webcams. AnimaShooter will do it's best to distinguish Video Capturing Devices from web-cameras, but even if it fails to, it will connect and make shots properly. 

Added support for the EOS 850D and EOS Ra cameras. This version brings some bug fixes as well. 

You can get version 3.8.15 here: http://www.animashooter.com/ 

The only action you should take to upgrade is to download and install the new version. Your license will apply automatically. 

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Coffee Stars - Shot With AnimaShooter

Coffee Stars - a stop-motion animated advert (full version). Shot with AnimaShooter Capture. 

New video from QuanteStorie Animation Lab

Chromakey and shooting stop-motion with AnimaShooter. Short behind the scenes video from the Italian studio QuanteStorie Animation Lab:

Lego Stopmotion Short: Level Up

New great stop-motion animation shot with AnimaShooter by Critters Pictures studio: 

The Life Of Action Figures: A Hostile Attack

Another great stop-motion animation from youtube user Danialdali, shot with AnimaShooter Capture. Support Danialdali on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Danialdali