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Friday, 15 February 2019

AnimaShooter Released

We are happy to announce that the new release of AnimaShooter is now available for download! This version delivers some new features, as well as set of bug fixes.

Here is whats new
  1. AnimaShooter gained a major update of its internal media functionality. Now it can produce most up-to-date WebM, WebP, OGV video files.
  2. Another new option is zoom and pan the main view to capture and control your scene with more precise.
  3. Now you can use number of presets to rapidly set key project settings such as frame width, height, fps.
  4. This version also introduces Rule of Thirds grid - the compositional guideline that can improve the balance of your shots.
  5. AnimaShooter Capture now has floating panel with focus controls to speedup and simplify focusing. Plus, Capture now has support for newest Canon camera - a new DSLR EOS R.
  6. Now you can use a keypad to control the software with more efficency: press Ins (0) key to start playback (works on Video tab), cance deletion with (-) minus key (works on Capture and Timing tabs).
  7. All versons (Capture, Pioneer, Junior) gained some performance optimizations, minor UI changes, bugfixes.
Get it here: www.animashooter.com

Post-processing animation shot with AnimaShooter

Check out some quite simple post-processing techniques for animation that was shot with AnimaShooter Capture software. Despite the latter has no built-in chromakey preview functionality it is  pretty good for shooting animation with a green screen.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

One Punch Man Stop Motion- Saitama And His Coffee

Check out this really awesome stopmotion shot with AnimaShooter by YouTube user Danialdali.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

DUBEFILMG Studio Presents

Great stopmotion animation made with AnimaShooter 3.8.8, Gimp and Powerdirector by DUBEFILMG Studio.